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Review of eBook Archaeology professor Adam Grainger is disturbed when he learns that his five-year-old daughter, Linda, has an imaginary friend. Even more unsettling for the father is the fact that this pretend friend calls Linda “mi amiga.” Concerned, he does what he believes is best for the young girl: he sends her away to boarding school and never lets her return to the house where she’d lived for the first five years of her life. Now she’s twenty, about to graduate from college. And, finally, she returns home . . . because her father tragically died in an automobile accident. Since her mother had died when she was born, Linda was now well and truly alone in the world. Her father’s graduate assistant, Brett McAllister, tries to help her deal with the overwhelming sadness, but Linda frets over her father’s many years of what she felt was pushing her away. Why didn’t he love her enough to have her live with him, she wonders. Surprising news of an unexpected inheritance from her mother takes the young woman westward to the desert in search of answers. And then she vanishes. What happened to Linda? Will Brett, who has declared the professor’s daughter to be his one and only true love, find her? Or will the dark secrets from Linda’s unknown past destroy any possibility of a life together for the two of them? A strong sense of place anchors this tale of long-held secrets that lead to a confrontation between good and evil. The unique, captivating plot brings unexpected twists as the unfolding story pulls readers into the telling of the tale. Well-defined characters populate the intriguing narrative; unforeseen revelations take the story in surprising directions while the underlying sense of tension and suspense keeps the pages turning. The Christian references, woven into the telling of the tale, are neither preachy nor intrusive; rather, they augment the nuanced characterizations and explain behaviors and attitudes without being overly recrementitious. Highly recommended. I received a free copy of this eBook from ReadersMagnet and NetGalley #StandingInMyShadow #NetGalley

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  1. I have read this book and it is a fun read, lots of intrigue and interesting characters. Highly recommended.

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