Frank Comes To Church

Every evening my husband and I have devotions in our living room. When my husband comes from the bedroom into the living room with the devotional material in his hand, our dog, Frank, grabs his rawhide donut and plops down on the floor in front of us. He never misses a night. He would probably suffer withdrawal if we missed a night.

However, like many church goers, his attention span isn’t the best. He chews on the donut awhile, and then he stretches out and goes to sleep. (There used to be a gentleman in our home church congregation that did that–not the chewing of the donut or stretching out, but his chin rested on his chest as he dozed off.)

But Frank is faithful in his attendance and that counts for something! He also sings a little when I play a hymn. Whether that can have an ecclesiastical explanation or discomfort in his ears, we may have to guess.

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  1. Jim and I enjoyed this one, it gave us a good laugh. Jim can identify with the mid-service nap, but he’s faithful in his attendance too, so maybe he and Frank will both make it! 🙂

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