Cat (right) Escorting Dog (left)

Do you find things slightly off-kilter? Not much, but just enough to cause a little internal unrest, perhaps causing a little emotional dizziness?

A black cat attached himself to the side of a little black dog and proceeded to escort him through the yard. Dogs are supposed to chase cats, right?

Another cat lay placidly in the yard while a bird swooped and threatened. She just turned her nose up at it. Has she lost her appetite for fowl?

Seems like everywhere you turn there are these pesky little anomalies.

Plans Slipping?

Have the scenes of your upcoming vacation become tilted? The promise of relaxation rolling down the beach, tumbling into the ocean?

Have your friends lost the bounce in their steps?

Fear of contracting a dread virus making you reluctant to try new adventures?

Here’s the answer! Read a book and get back on center. Let vivid characters, exciting romance, twisted plots, and puzzling mysteries carry you through to a happy ending.

Standing In My Shadow by C. S. Arnold has all the right ingredients. Copy and insert the following link into your browser for the ticket that you need to jump on the trailer. (You can skip the ad!)

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