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LATEST BOOK: Legacy Redeemed, sequel to Dangerous Legacy, the Second Son

On the strength of a guarantee on non-interference from Hitler, Stefan Zurowski arrives in Poland with his family and volunteers to restore his ravaged estate. Their sea voyage from America holds danger, and they face immediate betrayal upon their arrival in Poland. Mystery, romance, and danger embroils those who elect to travel with Stefan back to their homeland.


Dangerous Legacy, the Second Son (a novel)

Received the Editor’s Choice Award

Awarded a 4 out of 4 rating from  the .  5-star rating on Amazon

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It is 1939, and Stefan Zurowski heads to his home nestled in the Masurian Lake District of Poland. Manipulated by his domineering father throughout his life, Stefan’s heart soars with the thought that the Count has now called him home to protect their estate and its people from the German invasion. But when he arrives, Stefan finds a horrific scene. His entire family and household staff have been murdered.

In this historical romance, fierce circumstances drive Stefan from his war-torn home to his destiny in a new land.

Standing in My Shadow (a novel) See trailer below


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