New Book: Sequel to DANGEROUS LEGACY THE SECOND SON, now available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobel and other online sources, or your favori
Patchwork Princess

Welcome. Thank you for checking in!   On this website I am publishing a series of inspirational pieces written by me or my friends.  You can read these under the page called “Thoughts Released.”  I will be adding these to the site at various intervals, so please check in here as often as you can. Some of these pieces are excerpts from a new, unpublished pamphlet I’m working on called Markers Along the Way.

Recently, I have published three children’s books: The Patchwork Princess,  Adventures of Ra-me the Traveling Troubadour Book 1; Blaze the Dragon, Adventures of Ra-me the Traveling Troubadour Book 2;  Mudcat the Pirate, the Adventures of Ra-me the Traveling Troubadour Book 2.  Also available is an Adventures of Ra-me Coloring Book , containing scenes to color from all three books. These books make medieval fairy tales fun again, and with surprise endings.  They are available at any on-line site or here in the Bookstore. The coloring book is available from my website.

Dangerous Legacy, the Second Son, a historical romance novel set in the turmoil of World War II Poland, ending in the north woods of Minnesota.  It’s the story of Stefan Zurowski, a second son, driven from his war-torn, ancestral home to America by his dangerous legacy.  This book is available at on-line bookstores everywhere. Or it can be purchased at my website Bookstore.

Legacy Redeemed, the Second Son, sequel to Dangerous Legacy, the Second Son. Stefan Zurowski makes a pact with the devil in order to leave America to go to Poland and restore his ravaged estate. Hitler promises safety for Stefan’s party to return in exchange for the Zurowski Jeweled Crucifix. Hitler covets the occult powers believed attached to this crucifix. The first night on Polish soil, the promise begins to unravel. Mystery, romance, and danger embroil those returning with Stefan.

Standing In My Shadow, a mystery with romance. Linda Grainger’s father dies unexpectedly, and she has many questions about her past that have been kept secret from her. The need-to-know drives her into the western desert in search of her long-dead mother’s legacy. Brett McAlister says he loves her and only wants to help. Can she trust him? Shadows from her past come to light, and she will need someone to protect her from their clutches. This book is available at on-line bookstores everywhere. Or you may have your favorite bookstore order a paperback or hardback copy for you. Not available on this website.

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